McNabs Half Marathon

McNab's Island - McNab’s Provincial Park

JULY • 06 • 2024

run Fort to Fort

Our second race in our 2024 series. Urban Trail Racing is crossing the 'seas' to run our inaugural Half Marathon Trail Race on McNab's Island! Join us on this island as we race by stone walls of Fort McNab's, past the iconic lighthouse, and along the beach with amazing views of the city.

Don't get lost!

Route details coming soon.

Getting to the Island

This race is unique since it is on McNab's Island, and getting everyone to the island in time for their race requires more work! Some people may have the means to get there themselves. But for the rest of us we need a boat ride over to the island.

That's where our friends at Sea Halifax come in. They have the knowledge, and the experience, to get everyone over to the island in time for their race, and to get them back afterwards.

When you register for the race you will be given a link to purchase your round trip ticket from either their downtown Halifax pier or from King's Wharf in Dartmouth to McNab's Island. They will get you to the island in 7-15 minutes.

Please pick a boat ticket that is at least 30 minutes before your race.

For the return they will be operating boats continually until 1pm. If you would like to stay longer please contact Sea Halifax directly and confirm your departure time.

We are super excited about this partnership with Sea Halifax, and in future years we may incorporate the ticket price into the race cost, however, for our first year we opted for more choice to get to the island.