Get to know us a
little better

Let’s dive into the roots of Urban Trail Racing (UTR), where passion meets the earth beneath our feet.

UTR emerged from a group of friends who shared two loves: running and the hidden trails that crisscross our cities.

We were everyday adventurers seeking refuge beyond the concrete jungle.

Before UTR, we weren’t just runners; we were active members of our local trail running community. We volunteered at races, did trail clean ups, and led running groups through new paths. The sense of community became a calling for us.

With our launch of the UTR Race Series— we are celebrating this growing community. Each race isn’t a battle; it is a love letter to our green spaces. We aim to  showcase the city’s hidden gems—the sun-dappled clearings, the winding paths that whisper secrets.

But UTR isn’t exclusive. It welcomes everyone—the seasoned veterans and the fresh-faced beginners. We cheer for you all, knowing that every finish line is a victory dance.

Our non-profit partners? They were our compass. Their tireless work protect these trails—the veins that pumped life into our urban landscape.

So, my friend, if you seek more than a finish line, if you long to be part of something greater, join us. Lace up your shoes, follow the trail markers, and let the forest embrace you. Because UTR isn’t just about racing; it’s about finding your rhythm in the heartbeat of this urban  nature scape.